Boyfriend calls me BAWLING last night… I’m dead asleep.

I ask him what’s wrong.. Poor guy.. Some drunk came up to him and called him a pathetic loser and I had to talk him out of drinking his everything away last night.

I seriously fucking hate people sometimes.

I fucking love that guy though.

Seriously, he’s becoming my best friend and we all know how that turned out the last time… Sigh… But, I trust this one a lot more… and love him a lot more.

And the sex he gives me is out of this world fucking fantastic. Goddess, I don’t even have to beg.. all I have to do is take my pants off and he bends me over his bed and fucks the ever living hell out of me.

My thighs are so bruised…………. BRUISED WITH AMAZING FUCKING SEX!!!!

Anyway… Yeah… Lol Fuck people… People be bitches.