Nerves…. NERVES

Not trying to stir up any drama but… I keep tabs on Mike because I’m nervous he’ll attack me again. Well, Him and Shelby broke up… and it makes me nervous that I’ll get some really bad phone calls telling me to kill myself or Robert getting phone calls.

IF you don’t know the history… I met Robert through Mike, Mike and him were the BEST of friend. While Mike and I broke up, I was single for almost a year, dated Vic, left him, dated Robert and fell impossibly in love.

┬áRobert and I didn’t mean anything… We both weren’t ready for a relationship. So, we were friends… Well, we started hanging out, messing around, then discovered we REALLY liked each other. Figured we’d give it a shot and I asked him MANY times if our relationship would be okay. He said it was fine because him and Mike haven’t been friends nor talked in a very long time.

┬áMikes harassing ended, but any time he’s alone he calls me over and over again. Telling me to kill myself, that I’m a pathetic bitch, that I should keep cutting and keep taking pills.

I was hurt… I was cutting A LOT and taking A LOT of pills. But, I figured he wasn’t worth it.

POINT being, I feel sorry for Mike but I just don’t know what to do if he freaks out me. I don’t THINK he will… But, I never thought he’d tell me to kill myself either.